Drying Chamber

By creating a unique "Drying Chamber" Barnhizer & Associates, Inc. can isolate affected areas within the home in order to maintain the homeowner's lifestyles during the time of the loss with minimal interruptions. Our state of the art equipment and professional technicians help to create an overall efficient process.

Water Damage Restoration

The Advantages of Infrared

With our advanced infrared camera we are able to detect hidden moisture within your walls. This allows us to find areas of moisture without having to remove or damage drywall and fixtures with wall penetrating meters.

Barnhizer & Associates, Inc. can also use the infrared camera to detect hidden leaks and moisture intrusion throughout your home or business. We can then take photographs of the damage using the infrared camera (as seen on right) and send them to your insurance company to further validate the source of the loss.

Call Barnhizer & Associates, Inc. to experience the advantages of using infrared today.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Barnhizer & Associates, Inc. uses state-of-the-art testing and moisture detecting equipment in order to determine what parts of the structure have sustained water damage. This allows us to set-up a more effective drying procedure. It also allows us to closely monitor the drying process to ensure your property is dried according to industry standards.

The In Place Structural Drying System

By utilizing leading industry technologies, Barnhizer & Associates, Inc. can mitigate water losses and recover your home or commercial property quickly and effectively, returning your home or business to a pre-loss condition.

With our In Place Emergency Structural Drying System, we can quickly dry all contents and structural materials within a dwelling. Barnhizer & Associates, Inc. can guarantee that all structural materials affected by a Class I or II water loss will be dry within 3 days or there will be no additional charges for drying equipment.

Hydro-X Extraction System

Barnhizer & Associates, Inc. utilizes the state of the art Hydro-X extraction system during the restoration process. This system helps to extract water deep down within the carpet pad, drying it in place, eliminating the need for replacing the carpet and padding after the initial dry out.