Drywall Barriers

Barnhizer & Associates, Inc. uses state of
the art modular panel systems to take
infection control and containment to the
maximum level. These containment panels
are made of stainless steel and are insulated
for added noise reduction. They are made
with a white, high gloss exterior finish that
portrays a professional image.

These panels are ideal for sterile
environments as they can be disinfected and
sterile cleaned with ease. Each panel locks
to the adjacent panel forming an air tight
seal that can be configured as needed. This
allows the panels to be put up quickly in
sterile environments and generate zero dust
or dirt while they are being constructed.

Modular Panel Systems

Containment Systems

During long construction and containment projects, it may sometimes be necessary to install drywall barriers to redirect patient traffic and provide a more permanent barrier solution. These walls are customizable for additional flexibility throughout the project. Barnhizer & Associates, Inc. drywall barriers are fire rated to comply with NFPA standards.

The drywall barriers can be insulated to reduce overall noise within the contained space. All drywall barriers can be painted or have fire rated wall protection installed on them in orderto meet additional ICRA guidelines.Type your paragraph here.

Barnhizer & Associates, Inc. utilizes containment systems to fit all the needs of hospitals and health care facilities. Our three tiered containment solutions can be broken down into temporary fire resistant poly barriers, temporary drywall barriers, and our state of the art modular hard panel system.

All of our containment systems can be modified to adhere to the strictest of ICRA and ILSM guidelines. All containment systems are strictly monitored for negative air pressure and can verify negative pressure throughout the duration of the project.

Once the project is completed, our containment

systems can be cleaned and dismantled with
minimal to no damage to the
surrounding areas and no threat to
patient and employee safety.

Temporary Barriers

Barnhizer & Associates, Inc. utilizes temporary fire resistant poly barriers for short term or emergency containment. These can be modified to meet all types of ICRA requirements. These barriers are the most cost effective and allow for the greatest flexibility during the course of the project. Metal stud walls can be added to the barriers to give them greater durability and damage resistance for high traffic projects. The poly barriers can be easily cleaned and removed at the end of the project to greatly reduce the time it takes to turn over the project area.